Dispatch Coordinator

Affilliation: PNG

Department: Circulation

Date Updated: 06/14/2007

Updated By: D. Montgomery

Position Purpose/Objective: Coordinates the activities of the Dispatch operation and ensures the functions are handled in an efficient and complete manner. Provides exemplary customer service to internal and external customers.

All core duties are listed before supporting duties. The relative importance of duties relates to the anticipated impact of that duty to the business, department, customer, and/or product.

Position Duties:

Meets Expectations When:

Handles the dispatch operation including the coordination of coverage for open routes, shortages and redeliveries; creating reports and coordinating dispatch support provided by Clerk I group. CORE

• Dispatching duties are performed in an efficient and complete manner.
• Customer impact due to service issues is minimized.
• Communication with all relevant parties is effective, timely and professional.
• Subscriber information is provided to Clerks for data entry in a timely manner.
• Reports are generated in a timely and accurate manner.

Provides direction to the Clerk I group as needed. CORE

In the absence of CIS manager/supervisor, provides effective coordination of the efforts of the Clerk I workgroup.

Answers internal and external customer inquiries. CORE

• All inquiries are handled in a timely, efficient and professional Manner.
• Ensures that, after dispatching duties are handled, performing customer service duties is the top priority of assigned tasks.
• Adheres to established procedures as they relate to customer service activities.

Enters transactions into the computer Core

Transactions are entered in a timely and accurate manner into the CIS system.

Ensures customer satisfaction in every transaction. CORE

Conducts necessary follow-up to ensure completeness and customer satisfaction.

Maintains appropriate paperwork as it relates to customer transactions. Supporting

Paperwork is completed and forwarded to the appropriate party in a timely and accurate manner.

Uses available technology to support efforts as needed. Supporting

Possesses adequate knowledge of all pertinent software/systems necessary to perform duties efficiently.

Performs other related duties as assigned Supporting

Additional related duties are performed in a timely and accurate manner.


Required Education and/or Experience/Knowledge: High school diploma or equivalent required Customer service experience required / Previous Dispatch experience desired

Requires Skills: Basic math skills Detail-oriented Data Entry experience Moderate competency using spreadsheet software Excellent telephone/communication skills Ability to maintain composure and work effectively under pressure and deadlines

This position reports to: Regional Home Delivery Manager

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