Contract Summary


Holds harmless and indemnifies MaineToday Media, Inc. from prior collective bargaining agreements as part of this asset sale.

Defines employment, years/months of service, seniority and workweek.

Article I

Union Membership:

All employees (full and part-time working more than 50% of the workweek).  Part-time employees working less than 50% of the workweek to be reviewed after the first 12 months of continuous employment and every December 30 to determine requirement to join the Guild.

Article III


PTU is brought into the Guild contract-job security list.

Article IV

Exempt Employees:

Defines exempt and adds the title of Editor & Publisher to the exempt list.  States unilateral rights of the company to change exempt job titles redistribute and reorganize the job functions of exempt employees.  

Article V

General Wage Provisions:

Merit pay shall be at the discretion of the Publisher.

Article VI

Minimum Wages, Job Classifications

The minimum wages identified below shall remain frozen, and without change, for a period of two years from the effective date of this Agreement, with the sole exception of step increases which will remain.  

One year wage re-opener if either party requests with 30 days notice.

Wage scale is 10% lower than wages for 06/01/08. (PTU classification and scale have been sloted).

Article VII

Hours and Overtime

On call language has been added in response to the PTU being brought under the Guild contract and this language only applies to the PTU classification of computer support techs.

Article X

Grievance Procedure

New grievance procedure designed to resolve grievances in a less costly manner when possible.

Article XXIII


There will be no company match to the 401K for the duration of this two year agreement.  A re-opener after one year with 30 days notice by either party.


No Pension Plan

Article XXV

ESOP & Corporate Governance

15% employee stock ownership.  Two Guild represented seats on the board of directors.

Article XXVI

Labor/Management Committee

A Labor/Management Committee will be established to provide a problem-solving setting to deal with day-to-day problems or concerns regarding the workplace and bring forward ideas for efficiencies and improvements to increase profitability.

Article XXVIII

Severance Pay

Severance shall be paid at the employee’s rate of pay as of January 1, 2009 or the then current rate, whichever is greater, for the first year of the Agreement.

Article XXX

Managements Rights

Management has the right to determine the mission, location and size of departments and facilities, direct the workforce etc.

Article XXXI

Maintenance of Benefits

Recognizes past practices that have not been captured in the CBA are gone but preserves rights going forward the new practices will develop.  Also preserves against unilateral and arbitrary changes in working conditions without prior consultation and negotiations with the Guild.

Article XXXII

Interns and Correspondents

Interns and Correspondents may be utilized at the discretion of the Publisher to supplement staff not replace beats and shall not result in a layoff.

Article XXXIII

Duration and Renewal

Two year agreement.  Stand down position on the successor language with a commitment letter from Connor.

Letter of Understanding

New commission plan for sales employees

Memorandum of Understanding The Publisher may employ 4 commission only sales people.  No salesperson shall be forced to take a commission only position.  This shall not adversely affect the sales force.


  • 37.5 hour workweek
  • Overtime
  • 80/20 split on healthcare costs
  • Parking
  • Severance
  • Vacation accrual
  • Seniority

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